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Monday, September 9th, 2013

I haven’t made any announcements here for some time and the reason is that I had a baby last year. Congratulations! Thank you! I only did it to get out of doing the Edinburgh Festival, which is hard work (especially for the audience). And it’s turned out very well, as since I had her, I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING at all (least of all update my website).

That’s not strictly true, baby has brought chaos to my life but I have still been doing lots of gigs, in various states of dishevelment. It’s just I haven’t had time to do the gigs AND announce them, it was one or the other, so I chose to do them unannounced rather than to announce them undone.


I intend to start updating the upcoming gigs page imminently. In the meantime, please forgive me (and my child). I am available for gigs, cakes and mother and baby trumpet classes. If you’d like to invite me to any of those please get in touch here.

*This is not a picture of my baby. It’s just a baby off the internet. They all look the same to me.